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The Power of Minimalist Design.

How cluttered design proves ineffective and less proves more.


We've seen it everywhere: the good and the bad of design. But more specifically, when we see good design, one thing is almost always in common. That design is simple and minamilist, making it powerful, to the point and simply beatiful in the balance of negative space used. Following the principles of gestalt, uniformity and space plays a key space in a human's interpretation of design.

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New Packaging Stickers for Print Products.

All Quedge Design print products now come with flashy new stickers.


Starting on July 20 2011, all print products from Quedge Design now come with new branded packaging stickers to make your experience of opening up print products even more exciting! Because after all, what's better than the smell of freshly printed stock and ink! | Learn about print products today |

Latest works.

Promotional Flyer.


We created a flyer for Euphony Music optimized for door to door marketing that would draw great attention to their slogan on the...

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Business Cards.


Amongst the three touchpoints that we created for Euphony Music, we created a proffesional yet modern business card...

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Event Tickets.


Quedge Design presented HDSB with a creative solution to create event tickets and posters, have them printed while keeping...

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Latest GraphicRiver Templates.

Snowball Newsletter.


Snowball Newsletter is a versatile newsletter or magazine template for Adobe InDesign with 3 different cover options, and 5 unique content pages.

Perfect for use as a corporate or organization newsletter, newsmagazine, or magazine. Also available: Snowball Resume.

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Fine Type Poster.


Fine Type Poster is a sleek and contemporary poster with a design based off of the common yet powerful rules of typography.

Fine Type Poster is perfect for using on print mediums to advertise an event, company, product or service.

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About Quedge Design.

We're a creative powerhouse waiting to tackle any project.

Quedge Design offers graphic design, brand identity & development and printing solutions for all types of projects, people and budgets. For business or personal needs, Quedge Design understands the importance of design and marketing to make your business or organization stand out of the crowd and earn a well-worth identity. | Read More |

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