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Client : White Worlds

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  • poster design
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We had the job of designing a poster for a theatrical production that's entire purpose of existence was to be enitrely abstract and to make the audience second-doubt what they were seeing.

As part of the branding scheme for a recent theatrical production, we were tasked to create a poster for a play about illusions. White Worlds encompases the lifes and stories of those who are thought to be "crazy" in today's world, yet to be discovered at a later point that they were actually sane. As we researched the topic and script of this production, we believed it would be best to implement a theme of "Rorschach Tests" that would be the focal point of the poster. We ended up having two versions of two different Rorschach Test images on two different posters that would add to the illusion and false preception of the production. In the backround, we added a portion of the lead character's monologue that we thought would best introduce the abstract meaning of the play.