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Client : The War Show

Project details
  • graphic design
  • print
  • brand identity
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Limited by the "classic" atmosphere of pre-determined marketing material, we attacked the project with a creative mindset on how we could represent such a stunning theatrical production.

The materials that we prepared for the production had a small story line linked behind them. From WWII soldiers on the front line of combat, to lettters being sent home to family, the touchpoints we created had great signficance to events in the productions' plot line. In the contrast faced between events that a soldier handles each day, we designed the poster to represent that contrast with a colour palette of black against orange-red. The colour had great impact on interpretations of the poster, as 2/3 of the poster is a black tone, representative of the negative aspects of warfare and what can be looked into as a salad bowl of many different stories, while the soldiers emmerge on a brigter side of their life, and development as different individuals, found throughout the script of the production.