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Infographic poster Design

Client : mindyourmind.ca

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Project details
  • layout
  • illustration
  • typography
  • market research
  • pre-press
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mindyourmind.ca was looking for a poster that could display the recent results of an advertising campaigns. With their campaing taking place over multiple social media streams as well as online and print media, they wanted to compile all this information into one easy-to-read infographic that would appeal to prospective advertisers for future campaigns.

Quedge Design reviewed all the information and statistics that they provided for the infographic, and plotted them out on whiteboards before going about the layout of the flyer. Instead of looking at the provided statistics individually, we began by finding similarities and themes between all provided statistics to guide the overall flyer design. You may view the entire flyer by clicking on the "View in Detail" link on the right sidebar.