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Event ticket design

Client : White Worlds

Project details
  • ticket design
  • illustration
  • brand identity
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We had the job of designing tickets for a theatrical production that's entire purpose of existence was to be enitrely abstract and to make the audience second-doubt what they were seeing.

We went into this project not only wanting to simply design a ticket, but maintain it's simplicty while assuring that the ticket had a very exclusive feel to it. The ticket features the date, location, time and other key information laid upon the centre in all the same font, to match the identity of the event's poster that we created. Even though numerous sets of event information were set in the same tyepface, we used extensive negative space to allow for this information to be read clearly. As this production ran for 4 days, we also used a very simple date identitifcation system in the bottom left corner with the calender's date number, as well as that calender date lyeing in a set of boxes that would represent the performance night that the ticket was for. For example, if it was the third performance night, there would be 3 small boxes in the bottom left corner. This also proved it simple for event staff to swiftly manage audience and assure reliable ticket verification.